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Quip combines your team's work and communication
in one central hub that's accessible from every device.

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Create work together

Quip is a connected hub where you create, discuss, and organize your team’s work.

More than a document

Living documents are not typeset words on a page. Insert Live Apps for calendars, Kanban boards, videos, images, polls, spreadsheets, tasks, and more.

Improve transparency

Your team’s content and communication are always synchronized in one document, with one thread. Living timelines, read receipts, and a running history help everyone understand the context of decisions, and actions being taken.

Communicate without email and fewer meetings

With real time co-editing, notifications, comments, and chat, you can get all your work done in one place, seamlessly. No need for multiple meetings, or lengthy email exchanges just to get things out the door.

Work from anywhere on mobile

We understand the way modern teams collaborate: they're talking and working on multiple devices throughout the day. That's why we made Quip's mobile experience the best one out there. You can truly run your company from your phone.

Are you a Salesforce customer?

Export Salesforce Live Data to Quip

Open Salesforce reports into a Quip spreadsheet in a single click. The best part? Your data is live – when something is updated in Salesforce, it's instantly updated in Quip too. You'll never have to worry about whether the data you're looking at is out of date.

Add visibility to your work in Quip

Link and create documents, spreadsheets, and checklists with the Quip component in Salesforce. Help your team find and collaborate on the documents that are crucial to better serving your customers. The Quip component is available in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

What your team gets:


Collaborative docs that combine communication and content in docs that come alive.

cloud-delivered team work

We’ve invested in the most-advanced always on secure, reliable & auto-sync cloud platform for you.

Spreadsheets for Teams

Team-oriented spreadsheets that organize data and your projects for team happiness.

secure mobile collaboration

Award-winning mobile apps on Android and iOS make your team move at the speed of work.

Group Chat within & without a doc

Keep your team in sync with the smartest group chat capabilities offered on this planet.

integrations, support & more

Integrations with top companies like Slack, Atlassian, and many more.


Track your personal to-do list, project milestone list, or your team’s weekly priority list.

Offline desktop app

Edit and discuss Quip docs offline. Your updates sync as soon as you have an Internet connection.


Stay up to date on your most important docs with change and read receipt notifications.

Work less dumb with Quip

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